Facts and figures

Population & Economy

Monaco has a surface area of 2.02 km2

It has a population of approximately 38,000, of whom around 8,800 are Monegasque and 9,000 are French.

Almost 400 Monegasque nationals live in France.

Monaco’s GDP was 5.32 billion euro in 2014.

Monaco's situation is uncommon and composed, on one hand, of a resident population, and on the other hand, of a working population.

Under these conditions, the GDP was calculated "per capita".

In fact, for 37,800 inhabitants, there are more than 50,000 workers, 85% living outside of Monaco. In 2014, the total population in the country was thus 80,990 people.

The GDP "per capita" is 65,703 euros in 2014.


French is the official language of Monaco. The national language, Monegasque, is taught in schools until the age of 12 (Year 8). From age 13 (Year 9), Monegasque can be taken as an optional subject. The Principality uses the same educational programmes as France.